RIP Whitney Houston

The Web and Twitter are filled with memorial messages for Whitney Houston, who died on Saturday in her hotel room. The official coroner’s report is not yet out but the word is that she died from a combination of prescription drugs (Xanax) and alcohol. It can be a devastating combination.

Even more devastating is the loss of Whitney, one of the most impressive singers we’ve ever had. Her voice was angelic and powerful and she carried herself on-stage with a commanding presence. Off-stage was another story. She had a troubled life and turned to drugs and alcohol, which only made her problems worse. In the end, it led to her undoing.

So many singers and musicians, it seems, come to an early end at the hands of drugs and alcohol. It makes you wonder if the price that fame extracts is too high. Whitney was signed to a recording contract very early in her life and her success was meteoric. She knew nothing other than fame and fortune and through a combination of stress and bad influences, she went down a dark and lonely path, culminating in a sad and untimely death.

I saw the news this weekend while I was surfing the Web for some ideas on family vacation destinations for the upcoming holiday in April. One of the places I was thinking of taking the kids was to Beverly Hills. They’ve always wanted to see the Walk of Fame. I even briefly considered staying at the Beverly Hilton Hotel, which is where Whitney met her unfortunate demise, but it’s too pricey for non-celebrities like me. We may very well go to LA to see Whitney’s star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

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