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Yoga Poses for Flexibility

Yoga Presents For Those Who Aren’t Versatile But that doesn’t suggest you need to eliminate yoga, claims Chrissy Peterson, inventor of Starting Yoga by Gaiam($ 10; along with a NY-centered yoga teacher. Peterson claims these techniques can help you … Continue reading

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Learning the ABCs with Yoga

Writer assists Newark children discover ABCs through yoga NEWARK – The preschool classroom in the Montessori Community College didn’t seem like the normal yoga course. Pupils moo like cattle, croaking like frogs and performing ” I m Only a Little … Continue reading

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The Poptropica Super Guide

Poptropica, an online kids game from Pearson Education, Inc. recently celebrated its 7th birthday. The game started as a Web browser experience recently moved onto the mobile platform as well, with a version available for playing on iOS devices. To … Continue reading

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Yoga Poses That Will Prep You for The Season Change

Autumn is upon us and with the change in temperature comes changes to your metabolism. Regular practice of yoga can help prepare you for the seasonal changes and keep you fit and healthy. Yoga Poses That’ll Preparation You For That … Continue reading

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Yoga for Detox

Join Adriene For Cleansing exercise for this exhausted cleaning Yoga! This cleansing yoga series was created to cause you to work while you pose it out and develop power…

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Standing Yoga Poses and Preventing Injuries

Not all yoga poses take place on the mat! Here’s a video from Yoga Journal that shows a few great yoga poses you can do from the standing position, which means they can be practiced almost anywhere and anytime. Just … Continue reading

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A Short Yoga History

Yoga began its development into civilization some 10,000 years ago through the Tantric custom. Shiva being the essential figure in a majority of these found statutes gives evidence to the historic doctrine that denotes Shiva as the creator of the … Continue reading

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RIP Iyengar

BKS Iyengar, who helped provide yoga towards the Northwest, has died The type of yoga called after him is becoming among the most widely used colleges of yoga in america. Unlike fast-paced or acrobatic designs like ashtanga yoga, presents in … Continue reading

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Yoga Loses a Great with Iyengar’s Passing

BKS Iyengar, Who Helped Provide Yoga towards the West, Dies at 95 The New York Times writer William J. B.K.S is remembered by wide. Introduce the Developed world and the exercise of yoga. 95, Iyengar, died within the Indian town … Continue reading

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Hard Yoga Poses Made Easy

Noted yoga instructor and former model Tara Stiles shows you how to do hard yoga poses the easy way in this cool YouTube video. Go Tara! In related news, Tara did a stunt in NYC earlier this year where she … Continue reading

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