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A Short Yoga History

Yoga began its development into civilization some 10,000 years ago through the Tantric custom. Shiva being the essential figure in a majority of these found statutes gives evidence to the historic doctrine that denotes Shiva as the creator of the … Continue reading

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RIP Iyengar

BKS Iyengar, who helped provide yoga towards the Northwest, has died The type of yoga called after him is becoming among the most widely used colleges of yoga in america. Unlike fast-paced or acrobatic designs like ashtanga yoga, presents in … Continue reading

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Hard Yoga Poses Made Easy

Noted yoga instructor and former model Tara Stiles shows you how to do hard yoga poses the easy way in this cool YouTube video. Go Tara! In related news, Tara did a stunt in NYC earlier this year where she … Continue reading

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Every Simpsons Ever

Ay caramba!┬áNew Fox cable channel FXX just kicked off a massive Simpsons marathon called, Every Simpsons Ever. I’ve always been a huge Simpsons fan and if I can figure out how to find the FXX channel on my cable line-up, … Continue reading

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Some More Exciting Treadmill Workouts

Ugh. I hate running on a treadmill, but sometimes the weather leaves me no choice. In Winter in can get too cold and in Summer it can get too hot. And unless you live in a desert or a drought-stricken … Continue reading

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Yoga Newbie

I’ve been feeling out of shape and very sore lately so I started trying out yoga at the urging of friends. One friend in particular swears by it. She does hot yoga, which doesn’t look like it’s for me. Too … Continue reading

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One of my not-so-secret obsessions is Harry Potter. I’ve long been a fan of both the books and movies and I was very excited last year when I became a beta-tester for Pottermore, the online web site (it’s not quite … Continue reading

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RIP Whitney Houston

The Web and Twitter are filled with memorial messages for Whitney Houston, who died on Saturday in her hotel room. The official coroner’s report is not yet out but the word is that she died from a combination of prescription … Continue reading

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Playing a Lot of Facebook Games

Been busy playing a lot of Facebook games lately. I know this is really a huge waste of time but I’m kind of addicted and am enjoying myself immensely. I never really got into FarmVille or any of the other … Continue reading

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Something About Nothing

Hello and welcome to my blog, which is really something about nothing. At times I’m fairly random in my thinking with little point or reason. I tend to ramble on a bit and I have a deep affection for cheese … Continue reading

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