Yoga Newbie

I’ve been feeling out of shape and very sore lately so I started trying out yoga at the urging of friends. One friend in particular swears by it. She does hot yoga, which doesn’t look like it’s for me. Too much sweating! But some of the other forms of yoga look fantastic and I decided to give it a go. Here are some basic tips and tricks I learned about yoga while doing my research on the Web.

Yoga HeadstandYes, I always research everything on the Web before trying it. It can be an annoying habit, I know. For more pose guides, check out Yoga Simple.

There are several styles of yoga, and finding the best one for you could be a intimidating task. Where do you start? How would you know which type is most appropriate for you personally? What Exactly Is Yoga?

Fortunately, as there are so many kinds, forms and hybrid vehicle of yoga to select from, you’ll be able to find a means of yoga that’s perfect and in the end tailor a yoga workout just for you. For example, if you’re a high energy, go-acquiring sort perhaps you are pulled to the more energetic, challenging Ashtanga yoga but a restorative, healing yoga might be what you really need.

The best place to start should be to learn the basics of yoga, and you’ll discover this is similar in most fashions, then grad onto different yoga courses. It might have been a very long time as you truly connected mind and physique, therefore be very tender and kind to yourself when getting started. Seems straightforward, but it is a good deal tougher than you think to only let yourself unfold, and when you do eventually recognize that sweet, harmless feeling that springs forth from within and provides you a heavy feeling that every thing is correct with all the world you’ll understand you have located your sort of yoga, and do not be afraid to pick and select from different styles!


Best for anyone who feels pressured, tired or up-tight. Hatha is a great foundation for anyone new to yoga.Yoga KneelHatha signifies ‘dynamic’ and the focus is on the entire body, and moving energy through the body by keeping bearings and breathing into bearings. (This may seem unusual, but after several sessions you’ll notice the difference that belly breathing makes to your own practice).


Iyengar yoga is wonderful for those who love preciseness, arrangement and element. Iyengar will allow you to stretch deeply, educate you spinal alignment using props – blocks, and bolsters, seats, and ropes.


Ashtanga is for the more sporty sorts among you who like to sweat, challenge the body and also anyone wanting to generate body tone. Ashtanga begins with Sun Salutations, a sequence of poses duplicated 7-8 occasions, and held fleetingly.


This is ideal for those desiring a great, deep work out, together with the benefit of psychologically lifting you. It is a really energizing experience that can work the body deeply. You might also be asked to chant, do breath perform, and try meditation whilst listening to yogic audio. The positions are supposed to be lively and lighthearted but really successful.

Restorative Yoga

Yoga Leg StretchThis is good for those who want and desire some serious rejuvenation of head, body and spirit. Restorative yoga counteracts anxiety and really provides body and your brain a holiday letting you feel refreshed and restored.

With this particular practice, positions are supported with bolsters and blankets to allow greater launch to the body, the breath to deepen and this enables the nervous system substantially by providing you an idea of reducing and calm. You ordinarily do 4-5 poses that are held for short and/or longer periods of time.

This is all about letting the body to yield, soften and launch by offering help and aware breath to it.

Become a yoga butterfly, transfer from yoga practice to yoga practice taking something from every one to tailor make your own personal perfect yoga fashion. There are really no rules, and remember you’re unique, so that your approach to locating what is most suitable for you will probably be too!

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One of my not-so-secret obsessions is Harry Potter. I’ve long been a fan of both the books and movies and I was very excited last year when I became a beta-tester for Pottermore, the online web site (it’s not quite a game) that takes place in the Harry Potter universe. I read up on all the tips and tricks and set out to adventure in the world of the first book, Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone.

It’s a fun site, but the adventure is fairly linear and simple. It follows the narrative structure of the book pretty closely, so there are no real surprises. You kind of know everything that is going to happen before it does. But you do get to do all the cool stuff from the story, like obtaining your very own wand and being sorted into your House at Hogwarts as part of the sorting hat ceremony.

There are ways to interact with other wizards. You can earn house points and compete with other players in wizard’s duels. I think Pottermore will get a lot better when they release more of the stories, and perhaps allow you to deviate from the original plot a bit more. It’s supposed to come out of beta testing this month and perhaps more players will also make it a bit more fun.

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RIP Whitney Houston

The Web and Twitter are filled with memorial messages for Whitney Houston, who died on Saturday in her hotel room. The official coroner’s report is not yet out but the word is that she died from a combination of prescription drugs (Xanax) and alcohol. It can be a devastating combination.

Even more devastating is the loss of Whitney, one of the most impressive singers we’ve ever had. Her voice was angelic and powerful and she carried herself on-stage with a commanding presence. Off-stage was another story. She had a troubled life and turned to drugs and alcohol, which only made her problems worse. In the end, it led to her undoing.

So many singers and musicians, it seems, come to an early end at the hands of drugs and alcohol. It makes you wonder if the price that fame extracts is too high. Whitney was signed to a recording contract very early in her life and her success was meteoric. She knew nothing other than fame and fortune and through a combination of stress and bad influences, she went down a dark and lonely path, culminating in a sad and untimely death.

I saw the news this weekend while I was surfing the Web for some ideas on family vacation destinations for the upcoming holiday in April. One of the places I was thinking of taking the kids was to Beverly Hills. They’ve always wanted to see the Walk of Fame. I even briefly considered staying at the Beverly Hilton Hotel, which is where Whitney met her unfortunate demise, but it’s too pricey for non-celebrities like me. We may very well go to LA to see Whitney’s star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

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Playing a Lot of Facebook Games

Been busy playing a lot of Facebook games lately. I know this is really a huge waste of time but I’m kind of addicted and am enjoying myself immensely. I never really got into FarmVille or any of the other Zynga games but now I’m really looking forward to the new game called Adventure World. It’s kind of like Indiana Jones and you’ll travel around the world exploring lots of different places and finding treasure and other secrets. I’ve been brushing up on some cheats to get a head start once the game is out. Any other games you think I should try? A lot of my friends are playing Diamond Dash and Bejeweled Blitz but I like the story-driven games much more than just the old match-3 style block games. What do you think?

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Something About Nothing

Hello and welcome to my blog, which is really something about nothing. At times I’m fairly random in my thinking with little point or reason. I tend to ramble on a bit and I have a deep affection for cheese and garlic. But that’s not really so much the point, is it? It’s been said before that the windows and doors to the soul are the eyes, but sometimes I think it’s the big toe. But to be honest, I’m not really sure anymore. I do think about this a lot. I ponder. I ponder some more. Then I have a snack. Usually cheese.

My biggest accomplishment of the moment is that I found a great coach diaper bag on sale last week in NYC. I hope it’s genuine. It’s so hard to tell. But it looks good anyway and it holds all the baby gear I really need.

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